Who We Are

We’re a tight-knit band of trailblazers. With decades of combined experience, we’ve weathered the ever-shifting tides of this industry, gathering accolades and insights along the way.

But here’s the twist:

While we’ve conquered campaigns and aced analytics, we’ve also done something almost unheard of in this transient city. We’ve put down roots. We’ve all lived here long enough to watch Vegas evolve, transform, and occasionally pull a rabbit out of its hat. Some of us were even born here – locals who’ve seen this desert gem through its ups and downs.

Why do we stick around?

Because beyond the glitz and glamour, beyond the chime of slot machines and the allure of high-stakes shows, there’s a beating heart to this city. A community that thrives, not just on luck, but on genuine connections and a shared commitment to growth. That’s why we’re more than marketers. We’re city stewards. We’re champions of change. We’re devoted to making Las Vegas not only a destination but a home for innovation and progress. We partner with companies that share our passion, because we believe that together, we can turn the desert into an oasis of opportunity.

Our Community

As a full-service agency, BTV Marketing Group offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, specializing in earned, owned, and paid media strategies. Our team’s extensive experience isn’t just about knowing the ins and outs of the ever evolving world of digital advertising; it’s about understanding the unique dynamics and landscape of the Las Vegas business world. We’ve made meaningful relationships and navigated the highs and lows of this dynamic city, giving us invaluable insights and connections.

At BTV, our dedication to Las Vegas goes beyond the Strip. We believe in the power of genuine connections and earned growth. That’s why we see ourselves as not just marketers but partners to those brands and companies that share our same vision.

Our Leadership Team

We’re not your average crew. Our team brings a wealth of experience to the table, honed through years of working together and, yes, spending a good amount of time in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. From navigating the bustling streets to discovering its hidden treasures, we’ve embraced the city’s energy and learned its rhythms. But it’s not just about our Vegas adventures; it’s about the expertise and passion we infuse into everything we do.

Justin Cohen


Joe Arduini

SVP of Agency Operations

Elizabeth Holloway

Director of User Experience

Marsha MacEachern Tempesta

Director of Earned Media

Jon Mackin

Director of Paid Media

Josh Bell

VP of Paid Media

Our Friends

Past and Present

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