An essential part of any marketing strategy is curating the tools that go into your Marketing Technology (Martech) stack and determining how to configure your data and analytics to inform your campaigns. Setting these elements early can help maximize performance, efficacy, and spending.

Developing Your Martech Stack

Martech is a broad term for any technology leveraged for marketing efforts. While Martech is frequently used to categorize software tools that provide data, it can also include platforms such as your content management system, email marketing platform, and internal communication and project management tools.

Understanding what efforts should be made to reach your goals is crucial before choosing these tools. Some tools overlap in functionality. Although a premium, paid tool may offer some robust functionality, sometimes a free tool may be sufficient for your needs. Working with an agency can help you decide which tools to utilize and might give you free or discounted access to these tools. This is the case with BTV and some of the Martech platforms we deploy for our partners’ success.

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Laptop with analytics dashboard open

Analytics & Reporting

Making the most of your data and analytics involves proper setup and configuration. This is especially important because much of the out-of-the-box functionality of Universal Analytics, or GA3, needs manual setup in GA4. The benefit of this setup work is customized data streams and curated reporting that meet your exact needs.

Building a robust analytics foundation involves more than just setting up and configuring. Reporting is crucial in delivering data in a meaningful and actionable format. This entails consolidating data from various sources into a centralized report with visualizations highlighting critical information. Although we favor Looker Studio for curated performance reporting dashboards, our team is well-versed in diverse BI tools. We’re here to create the perfect dashboard, bringing all your data together in one coherent space.