Marketing your brand starts with a solid foundation of your owned assets. Examples include your website and blog, social media channels, and newsletters. Establishing your brand perception starts with these assets; their quality and performance are limited only by your imagination and resources to produce and manage them.

There are fewer costs and hurdles to develop and evolve your owned assets, and they also have more flexibility and longevity compared to other marketing channels.

Your website and blog serve as assets you control, enabling you to communicate with your audience in a controlled environment and set the tone of your messaging. This strategy involves utilizing Earned Media components of SEO and Content Marketing alongside your website and blog.

The user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and content messaging on your website and blog are crucial in shaping how your brand is perceived. Establishing a solid foundation for your brand on these platforms will make conveying your brand’s voice easier across various channels. Additionally, it will serve as a point of reference for users who navigate to your site from your social media posts, videos, and advertisements.

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Your social media content–from how you design your profile to your hashtags–impacts how your audience engages with your brand. Your initial messaging and how you establish your brand on its managed channels help set the tone of how you expect your audience to engage.

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An email marketing campaign is a highly effective method for directly connecting with your audience. Skillfully crafted newsletters serve as an extension of your website and overall marketing strategy. By providing your audience with carefully curated content at an appropriate frequency, you can consistently engage them with the latest news, offers, and events. Taking charge of your newsletter campaign’s design, tone, and consistency allows you to maintain control and manage these aspects at the source.